Artist Management and Concert Promotion


Wind Ensemble

In 2011, the German-French cultural festival arabesques was launched in Hamburg. With over 50 events annually, it is now the largest festival of its genre in northern Germany.

The ENSEMBLE ARABESQUES, initially only active during the festival, has now developed its own dynamic and makes guest appearances at home and abroad all year round. Musicians from the three major Hamburg orchestras as well as orchestral soloists from all over Germany play in a variable line-up. The ensemble is primarily dedicated to extraordinary projects from the baroque to the modern. Above all, unknown composers and forgotten works shape the work of the ensemble. Deutschlandradio Kultur supports and honors this commitment from the start.

The first CD was released in 2014 in cooperation with the Marseille Ensemble Musicatreize: Trois contes de l’honorable fleur by Maurice Ohana. The production was nominated with the ICMA in the 'opera award' category. There were also recommendations from Radio france musique and the Charles Cros Academy.

Another collaboration has existed since 2012 with the “Institut Français des Instruments à Vent”. Concerts and lectures were held in Hamburg, Marseille and Aix-en Provence in the spirit of German-French friendship. With concerts in Nice, Marseille, Paris and at various well-known festivals in France, the ensemble arabesques is now internationally recognized. In February 2017 an internationally acclaimed recording was released by Farao classics: the entire chamber music works by Gustav Holst. With more than 25 critiques and reviews from around the world, this CD has garnered a lot of attention.