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Ensemble with the Soprano Maria Kostraki

The MOSAICO MEDITERRANEO is the ensemble that was initiated during the recording of Maria Kostraki's album of the same name, with orchestration and musical production by Antonis Sousamoglou.

At the heart of it all is the Mediterranean song, in all its incarnations, without geographic limitations and far beyond the borders of musical genres.

The ensemble's repertoire ranges flexibly from medieval songs, the Renaissance and the Baroque to the Romantic era of the 19th century, the folk traditions of southern Europe, the sounds of the Middle East, rhythms from Africa and modern Greek songs.

Although the members of the ensemble come from the purely classical field, the musical concern of the ensemble is to explore the countless possibilities that the musically rich Mediterranean region offers with courage and fun.

Maria Kostraki is a classical soprano with great presence in the opera houses of Europe, Antonis Sousamoglou is the first violinist of Thessaloniki State Orchestra and composer, Kostas Makrygiannakis is guitar soloist and director of Thessaloniki Municipal Conservatory, Dimitris Vittis is the leading percussionist of Thessaloniki State Orchestra and Dinos Manos, one of the most prominent jazz bass players in Greece and a member of the Thessaloniki State Orchestra.


“The songs always wear the clothes of their era, but their core remains timeless and universal. I am unimaginably fascinated by dressing music in new clothes, only to find with excitement that people's emotions, passions and desires remain the same across all ages and genres.

Maria's voice has the ability to express itself just as beautifully and with the same ease across musical borders, languages and traditions. A voice that penetrates the centuries of European tradition like a time traveller."

Antonis Sousamoglou

Ensemble Mosaico Mediterraneo