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Composer and Pianist

With the presentation of the 2017 Global Music Awards in Los Angeles, Maria Gabriella Mariani awakened the interest of international critics not only as a composer, but also as an interpreter of her own works on the piano.

The American recognition was meant for the interpretation of Maurice Ravel's "Gaspard de la Nuit" and for the performance of "Fun... Tango - Triple Unfoldment of a Single Matrix". This was the final confirmation of the double artistic character of Mariani's musical nature, which had already deeply impressed Aldo Ciccolini and Martha Argerich. The two musicians are regarded as convinced mentors of her piano talent as well as of her compositions, where brilliant instrumental technique and art of improvisation successfully combine.

An integral part of the artistic path of Maria Gabriella Mariani is her work as a writer.

As in the case of her first novel "Presences" (Sovera Verlag, 2008), which was written together with the composition of the same name, the sonata in three movements "Fun... Tango" is accompanied by the publication of a novel: "Imperfect Consonances - History of a Two-Part Life" (Zecchini Publishing house, 2010).

About "Fun... Tango" Maria Gabriella Mariani writes: "I thought of a short topic, of two notes, and out of this theme came various ideas, each one of a temporal dimension: first and foremost, the past I would have wanted and the one I had instead ". And again: "The ideas that led me to tango are all personal and, I would say, existential, the "second voice" mentioned in the subtitle of the novel - or rather, my "dance partner"- is my youth ". The CD "Fun... Tango" was published in 2010 by Zecchini Verlag and attached to the novel "Imperfect Consonances". The CD Reflexe appeared in 2014 at Bongiovanni/Naxos, coinciding with the publication of the collection of 14 stories "Reflexes - History of stories without story" commissioned by Tullio Pironti Edition.

In 2018 with the album “Pour jouer / Virtuoso Piano Works” she won the GMAwards again in Los Angeles. In addition of 5 GMAwards in USA as a pianist and composer, the Senate of the Italian Republic awarded her with the "Naples for Excellence Award 2018” under the Patronage of President Giorgio Napolitano.

In the same year for Da Vinci Classics, the CD "Pour jouer" (series "Virtuoso Piano Works") has been released along with the scores of "Fun... Tango", "Pour Jouer" and "Hologram - 17 Variations, Finale and Improvisation". This last composition was published with the novel "Hologram - Until the last breath".

The Suite “Mediterranea” is scheduled for 2020: it is a trilogy consisting of “Solo”, “Pulcinella’s song” and “Chef Tango”, highly appreciated in Berlin and Munich on the occasion of her piano recitals in 2018-19 around Germany.